Week 16 Challenge: Embrace Your Visionary Self

(c) Snapped by Derek

This week, I challenge you to embrace your inner Visionary!

Sometimes, life isn’t always about what is up, front, and centre.Like the photograph above, sometimes Life is more about what lays in the background.Making the truth visible is the way of the Visionary. Reaching deep within our own source of truth, it can show us how to open up to our innate creativity.

This week I share Angeles Arrien’s* “Way of the Visionary.” A fundamental way that can guide us on our paths “to tell the truth without blame or judgement. When we express the inner Visionary, we know and communicate our creative purpose and life dream, act from our authentic self, are truthful, and honour the four ways of seeing.“We each have a creative purpose that binds us to this reality. To exist means to create change with every action or inaction we make. It is vital now more than ever to hold fast to our dreams and to find whatever it may be that we are passionate about doing. We may all have many careers, but underneath it all there is a meaning there that does not care about your title or how much money you make. The key is to find whatever it is that you love and do it!At a young age many of us, myself included, may have been forced to hide our true selves in order to survive. Growing up in a small-minded household without care for any sort of diversity was not a pleasant atmosphere to grow up in. My voice was squashed with brutality and patterns of neglect and abuse that led to self abandonment. Self abandonment led to self resentment, which is a very hard habit to break. However, my true self was still there, waiting, to be let out, to be nurtured and to be loved. It took me several years for me to allow myself to do just that, and I am truly thankful I found the courage to allow my Inner Self to shine.

“Every human being, regardless of cultural conditioning and family imprinting, experiences patterns of denial and patterns of indulgence at some time. We express denial in our lives when we avoid certain people or issues and when we see things only as we want them to be rather than to accept them as they are. Underneath every denial pattern is the underlying fear that we will not be able to handle conflict and a deep human need to maintain peace, balance, and harmony at all costs. In deep denial we will abandon ourselves to keep the peace rather than communicate our feelings directly.

We express indulgence when we dramatize or sensationalize our experience. Often we exaggerate a situation or an issue in order to seek attention. Underneath this pattern is a high need for approval and acceptance that is ruled either by the fear of not being seen or the fear of being seen. People who make scenes, throw tantrums, or blow things out of proportion actually have a strong need for acceptance. Because they are terrified of their own feelings of insecurity or vulnerability, they use exaggeration as a way to hide those feelings.”- Angeles 

It is the Visionary who can see the truth in themself (and in others) and look upon the circumstances with love rather than judgement. A true Visionary can hope to dissolve these paradoxes and polarities in these very human patterns of behavior. Unlimited creativity is always available when we are true to our selves and connect to our own authenticity.

To be truthful is the way of the Visionary. In order to connect and stay authentic, we must be honest with not only others, but with ourselves.

As people, we so oftentimes forget that we have voices, or on the other hand, forget that our words can be oftentimes hurtful. In The Truth Option by William Schutz, there are some very powerful words about communication and our relationships. “Communication of truth makes for interpersonal richness. To fully present ourselves to each other, and to have the most satisfying human relations, we must be both aware and honest.” Our timing and context of what we say speaks volumes of us as individuals. Remember, there is a right time and a right place for any issue to be brought to light. Integrity and appropriate word choice, tone, and body posture is the key to telling the truth without blame or judgement. 

The Visionaries within us crave to be expressed and respected. They yearn for our voice and creativity to be expressed in the world. We can do this by honouring the four ways of seeing: our intuition, our perceptions, our insights, and our vision. This is how we can honour our sacred selves. When we see or sense something, we must speak of it! We must voice ourselves and not be afraid of speaking our truths. We must not be afraid to be who we are, we must not betray ourselves. That is the most important thing.

Gertrude Stein said it beautifully:
“You have to know what you want to get. But when you know that, let it take you. And if it seems to take you off the track, don’t hold back, because perhaps that is instinctively where you want to be. And if you hold back and try to be always where you have been before, you will go dry.”

*Angeles Arrien, PhD, is an anthropologist, author, educator and corporate consultant who does work shoppes and lectures throughout the world. She bridges indigenous wisdom with our so-called “modern” lifestyles. She focuses so on our family, work and personal lives as well as our relationship with nature, and teaches us how to bring forth this “Four-Fold Way.

So, I will begin as always as asking you to ask yourself: how are you as you are entering this time for yourself? Have a heart-to-heart with yourself and reflect on your week past.

Were you able to incorporate last week’s challenge with your busy Life? If so, GREAT!
If not, that is okay too.

The whole point is to go at your own pace. You shouldn’t have to struggle to have fun, it should come naturally and on its own time.

Things you can do this week to bring out your Inner Visionary:

  1. Consider your favourite songs. They reveal great authenticity.
  2. Sing to yourself, and possibly create your own tune. Humming counts!
  3. Meditate a little bit every day. Even a walking meditation can work wonders for a creative mind. Let go, choose an issue to focus on, and see what guidance you get on your way. Inspiration is behind every corner.
  4. Renew yourself in Nature. Regenerate your energies and creative juices with some down to earth time.
  5. Keep a journal. Record your days, your nights, your sleepy time dreams and your day time ones. Doodle in it, paste photographs. Use it as a tool for raw creativity!
  6. Contemplate your Life Dream, what passionate work awaits? What things in your early childhood gave you immense pleasure and joy. Do you have any natural talents? I am sure you do, everyone has something.
  7. Allow yourself time throughout the year to get away and Retreat. Revision. Reflect. And Reclaim.
  8. Make a habit of speaking with “Spirit-tongue” or truth-telling.
  9. Pray. To who ever, or whatever. Doesn’t matter. Extending thanks and blessings always returns three-fold.
  10. Stop and slow down and listen. Every day sit and have a heart-to-heart with yourself. Listen to that voice that lives deep within your heart, what whispers do you hear?
  11. What people, places, things gift you with inspiration? Make a Vision board to not only keep you happy, but will inspire YOU.

So, how will you incorporate the challenge for this week, hmmmmm? I would love to hear. Feel free to reply or comment on my facebook or website page, or if you want to be a bit more private shoot me an email, or simply right your musings down in your journal. The point is to reflect, and learn from yourself.

Affirmations for the Mind, Body & Spirit!

Here are this week’s mantras. Don’t forget, you can tweak them to your liking. In order to make them yours, you must believe them, and affirm them to yourself. So switch ’em up if the inspiration strikes!

Today’s Affirmation: “I have Vision!

 “My tongue speaks with the Spirit within my breast.”

“I laugh with a passion that is mine. True, honest, and without blame.

“My intuition is strong. I see with clear sight the ability of my Self’s purpose!”

“May the blessings of the Visionary be within me this day. May I be inspired!”

“This is my purpose! I was meant for this!

And lastly: “I will not be afraid to speak the truth without blame or judgement. I embrace my Inner Visionary!

I wish you well on your Journeys this week!
Listen deep to your four-chambered heart. What whispering voice do you hear? Take a moment and gift yourself with your own insight. Your own intuition, your own creative force that lives inside of you. There is much to learn. For me, Life is all about the little gems we allow ourselves to Love.

With Love, Derek.


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