Leaves Upon My Tree of Life

(c) Snapped by Derek

Here is a poem I wrote last year that was published in the Adirondack Press. Blessed Harvestide everyone! How will you show thanks this season?

This autumn, of crisp breezes
Of wind blown kisses through the aire.
This autumn, of crisp breezes
I hope you know that I am thankful.
This is a time for appreciating
Of celebrating the unfolding of Life’s bounty.

Of equal day and night:
Where the dark
Is but a reason to gather a warm
Embrace in the cold.
And the light
Is but an open invitation for a
Cool kiss upon a weary brow.

Every year, I tend to celebrate
My most favourite holiday & holinight.
Not just for the apple harvest. Oh, the mouth watering venison, the berries…The pie..
But for also the harvest of the Soul,
Of cherishing the connections.
The facets of our lives,
The sometimes neglected trees in the grove..
Take the time to show gratitude, for
True thanks giving.

You all have given me breath.
You have given me hope.
Leaves upon my branches,
Each beautiful, changing as the season goes.
Each one a story, allowing me
To grow upwards and higher still to find
But more leaves sprouting.
-Yet still connected to the source.

That spark of Life, that bit of
Love and Joy and Embrace.
That which I am unconditionally drawn.
For who would I be if you were not there to allow me to photosynthesize?
You gave me breathe, you gave be Life.
You are my soul-parts. My lovers and my dreamers.
My family and so much more than my friends.
I am thankful for you, making a ring of bark on my years: My Tree of Life.

Be blessed.
May the aires always fill you with breath.
May the fires in your hearts continue to burn true.
May the waters quench your thirst for Life.
May the earth always offer you a haven.
May your Spirit soar!
In Peace, Light & Love.
Blessed Be.

(c) 23 SEP 2011


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