Season of the Corns: Maize Visual Meditation

(c) Snapped at the Local Co-op

Welcome to the Season of the Corns.
Take a moment, and ponder these little maize kernels.
See how the light reflects off of each little gem?

Take a moment. This moment, and breathe…
Can you taste the flavour of each deep coloured piece?
Notice how the corn hairs delicately hug each ear.
Follow them with your eyes, follow them with your imagination.

Allow yourself this moment.
Allow yourself to open up your heart to the season.
Allow yourself to extend all your senses and touch, taste, smell this simple yet profound beauty.

My favourite part of all is how the dried husks at the top fade and seem to be made of air itself.
What is yours?
Friend, what do you see with your heart?

What ‘maze’ can you yourself weave?


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