She Was Loved

(c) Artist Unknown

On 26 September 1692, in the Massachusetts Cambridge prison, Rebecca Shelley Addington died at the age of 67.

She was wife to Constable William Chamberlaine, and had 13 children.

She was a compassionate, wise and hilarious woman, and she did not deserve to die in a prison cell not much larger than a kitchen cupboard.

There will always be scapegoats, those blamed for the supposed wrongs of others, and history shows us how hysteria can get the better of us, especially if it is clouded with ignorance.

Today, I say a blessing for all those wrongfully imprisoned, wrongfully murdered, and wrongfully tortured and left to die, alone, cold, and dis-eased. 320 years has passed since the Salem Witch Hysteria, and roughly 785 years since the Burning Times of Europe. The current year is 2012, yet still we continue to choose to believe in our assumptions of a person, as apposed to actually taking the time to learn their stories. Yet still there are those who are tortured, enslaved and discriminated against.

Today, I ask you simply & kindly: before you act on misguided words & actions of hate, intolerance, and/or arrogance; look into your victim’s eyes and see your soul reflected in the teary mirrors of yourself. It’s a new age. It is a new era, and hate has no place here. Let us remember those who have passed, let us not turn a blind eye to the present, and let us all come together to live a better future. Regardless of gender, orientation, nationality, religion or non-religion. We all call this Earth home…

With Love, Derek.

12th Generational Grandchild of Rebecca Shelley Addington


3 thoughts on “She Was Loved

  1. Derek, Hi my name is Kathleen R Addington. I am learning Wiccan. Part of my searching is if there might be Wiccan in my heritage. I found Rebecca Shelley Addington and would like more info on her.
    Anything you might help me out with I would really love to hear from you. Our family has been able to trace their line back to around the 1690’s, Buck County, Penn.
    Hope to hear form you soon
    Thank you for your time
    Kathy Addington

    1. Dear Kathy, I have researched and written quite a bit over the last year on our Rebecca. Traveling and combing cemeteries and records both. I would love to talk to you more about this. I will be in touch soon.
      Fond Blessings,

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