Week 14 Challenge: Be Your Inner Warrior!

(c) Snapped by Derek
Warrior Dash, Near Cairo, NY

This week, I challenge you to be the Warrior!

Over the past few months I have been studying four very “primitive” yet advanced ways of living.
Angeles Arrien, PhD, is an anthropologist, author, educator and corporate consultant who does work shoppes and lectures throughout the world. She bridges indigenous wisdom with our so called “modern” lifestyles. She focuses so on our family, work and personal lives as well as our relationship with nature, and teaches us how to bring forth this “Four-Fold Way.” These four archetypes that are within us can be focused on in such a way that we can harness our own personal power.
Empowering ourselves is the way of the Warrior. Angeles shows us how great warriors have been the great leaders, protectors, sorcerers, and explorers of the world over.
And the fundamental way of the Warrior that guides them on their path is “showing up and choosing to be present. The Warrior shows honour and respect for all things, employs judicious communication, sets limits and boundaries, is responsible and disciplined, demonstrates right use of power, and understands the three universal powers…of presence, communication, and position.”
Being a Warrior is more than just carrying a sword. It’s about being a respectful leader who knows her/his limits, and respects the boundaries of others. Who shows up when they says so. Your word is your reflection in this world. Reclaim it! Mean it! Respect yourself enough, respect others enough, to show the world what you are all about!

So, I will begin as always as asking you to ask yourself: how are you as you are entering this time for yourself? Have a heart-to-heart with yourself and reflect on your week past.

Were you able to incorporate last week’s challenge with your busy Life? If so, GREAT!
If not, that is okay too.

The whole point is to go at your own pace. You shouldn’t’t have to struggle to have fun, it should come naturally and on its own time.

Things you can do this week to bring out your inner Warrior:

  1. Mean what you say, and say what you mean.
  2. Learn to say “No.” Know your boundaries and limits, yet respect those of others.
  3. Do not allow guilt to dictate your doings.
  4. Do only “the important shit.” -Leonie Dawson
  5. When you can say with a whole heart “Yes, this is something I am willing to do,” then it is the right thing to do.
  6. Trust in your instincts.
  7. Take a stand for the things that you believe in, literally. Don’t be afraid to stand up for what is right.
  8. When you “demonstrate your power, no one can tell you what can’t be done. You are freed from patterns of self-diminishment and are less likely to accept other people’s perceptions of what we can and cannot do.” -Angeles.
  9. Vision Quests, soul retrieval, dance, meditating standing up, finding your power animals and allies, self reflecting on any possible issues of rebellion, authority and patterns of invisibility will also help to align you with your inner Warrior as well.

So, how will you incorporate the challenge for this week, hmmmmm? I would love to hear! Feel free to reply or comment on my facebook page! I want us to stay connected and stay friends, and what better way to stay friends than to share in all the gossip, eh?

YAY! Affirmations!

Don’t forget, you can tweak them to your liking. In order to make them yours, you must believe them. So switch ’em up if the inspiration strikes!

Today’s Affirmation: “I am a Warrior!

The next day’s: “There is something good, true & beautiful inside of me.”

And the WAY cooler one after’s: “My self worth is stronger than my self-critic!

The kick-ass one after that: “I place one hand on my heart & one hand under my ribs. I am healing! I am empowered!”

And the down right awesome one after that: “I will not hide! I will not hold back!”

And FABULOUS one then: “I am a great leader! I am strong! I am not a victim!

And the final (sadface until NEXT week, YEAH!): “I extend honour and respect to myself & to others. I will be my own inner Warrior!

I wish you well on your Journeys this week!
I hope you can allow yourself some time to chat with your inner Warrior…you DESERVE it!

With Love, Derek.


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