Week 12 Challenge: Take Yourself on a Date!

(c) Picture taken by Yours Truly
At the posh Ultra Violet Cafe on Delaware Avenue, Albany, NY

Aloha & WELCOME!

This is YOUR time. So, put down the kid, the dishes, the homework. Set aside the bills, the television, the cell phone.  Remember & ask your Self. Do you really have time to read this? If not…say “HECK YES!” and make the time. Gift it to yourself. Everyone needs alone time. Everyone needs to “OM-out” from time to time. Allow yourself this moment. It’s calling you. So, pour yourself some ‘YUM!’, grab a plate of  ‘MMM…’ and make some ‘SHH’ time.

So, how are you as you are entering this time for yourself? Have a heart-to-heart with yourself and reflect on your week past.

Were you able to incorporate last week’s challenge with your busy Life? If so, GREAT!
If not, that is okay too.

The whole point is to go at your own pace. You shouldn’t have to struggle to have fun, it should come naturally and on its own time.

So, how will you incorporate the challenge for this week, hmmmmm? I would love to hear! Feel free to reply or comment on my facebook page! I want us to stay connected and stay friends, and what better way to stay friends than to share in all the gossip, eh?

This week, I challenge you to go on a date!

When was the last time you went to a fancy restaurant? A movie? Received flowers? If it has been as long as it was for me, then I urge you TO GO! It is healthy to go for a night of dancing, an evening meal or a simple mid-day coffee at a cafe. My grandmother always said, that “A sign of a warm home is for there to always be flowers dear! Lots and LOTS of flowers! And if your grandfather won’t buy them, well, I will just have to get them myself now won’t I?” (Maybe this is where I get my Mrs. Dalloway complex? Ha!) If you are single this a true way to reconnect with your vital inner source! I regularly take myself to the movies, buy myself lunch, pick wild flowers, and stop at a cafe for tea and dessert. It is luscious! It is hedonistic! And it is FUN! If you are in a relationship, don’t blame your partner, sometimes people operate on different schedules and what constitutes fun.
So, whatever your name is, you have two choices here: either #1 Ask your lucky someone out to paint the sky red, or #2 (and slightly MORE FUN) SNEAK OUT and be a kid again! The choice, as always, is YOURS…

YAY! Affirmations!

Don’t forget, you can tweak them to your liking. In order to make them yours, you must believe them. So switch ’em up if the inspiration strikes!

Today’s Affirmation: “I will show my love MY LOVE.

The next day’s: “May I take this time for MYSELF and RELISH in it!”

And the WAY cooler one after’s: “I look up to the sky in delight. I AM LIVING! I am ALIVE!

The kick-ass one after that: “This date will be a way for me to reconnect with my own power.”

And the down right awesome one after that: “I stand in my own beauty and know that I am!”

And FABULOUS one then: “Times may have been hard, but now I am turning the page towards a better chapter!

And the final (sadface until NEXT week, YEAH!): “As I giggle and sip, I feel like a kid again!

I wish you well on your Journeys this week! I hope you can allow yourself some time to go on a date with yourself…you DESERVE it!

With Love, Derek.


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