Week 9 Challenge: Make Your Life Your Message!

(c) Snapped by Derek
It’s okay. Don’t worry. Those people over there? They’re just jealous. Because they wish they were jumping & dancing in the rain too! So, smile-on rubber duckies! It’s glorious outside!

Aloha! Good morning! Greetings friends!

Before we begin, I want you to STOP. Do you really have time to read this email? If not…leave it for later. A dear friend the other day told me that she always enjoys my emails, and she does so as a part of her daily devotional practice. She STOPS. Makes herself a cup of tea. Lights a candle, cuddles up on the couch, and reads. She takes some time for HERSELF and in doing so, adds more to her time.

So, dear ones. Take a moment, breathe. Relax. Grab something tasty to eat, something yummy to drink, and read the following words to your heart. To your Soul. 

This week was a busy week, but also a fulfilling one!

  • Read, and relaxed, and cleaned the house on Sunday. (Always a good ritual.)
  • Visited with a friend from out of town on Monday. (Such a WONDERFUL surprise!)
  • I stopped to smell the roses & filled out an application to volunteer at the Albany Damien Center on Tuesday. (It’s all about giving back what you can, when you can.)
  • Writer’s block on Wednesday. (It happens to everyone, and was a nice change of pace.)
  • It was nothing but creative radical self-love on Thursday. (Eight pieces of art work done & completed. Oof!)
  • Singing in the Rain through Washington Park & “camping” in the living room on Friday. (FUN! The smell? Glorious!)
  • Peace Walk at the Grafton Peace Pagoda in Petersburg, NY yesterday. (In the wilderness, I fed my Soul the smell of the rain & forest. Mmm…)

This week was filled with S’mores in the fireplace, friends, and poetry. Walks, prayer, and song.  The Grafton Peace Walk was a beautiful end to such a long week!

I am still reading Jon Kabat-Zinn’s Wherever You Go, There You Are: Mindfulness Meditation in Everyday Life. Such an inspiration he is!

Mmm, so dearies, how will you reflect today, on your week past?

How will you incorporate last week’s challenge in your daily life? I would love to hear! Feel free to comment below! Your words are powerful & inspire ME!

This week, I challenge you to “make your life your message,” as Gandhi said. It’s not just about talk, talk, talk. Life is also about action. And you can choose to act in a peaceful, non-violent way with every step you take. It can be hard, but I have faith in you!

Sunday’s Affirmation: “My Life is my Message, and my Message is my Life. ”

Monday’s Affirmation: I choose to open my Self up to the essence of a mystical Life, like a lotus blossom.

Tuesday’s Affirmation: “Stopping to smell the roses, I awaken. I will bloom like a flower.”

Wednesday’s Affirmation: “May I find peace in my steps, and find steps to my peace.”

Thursday’s Affirmation: “Kissing my love out on the wind, I blow blessings for everyone!”

Friday’s Affirmation: “I am allowed to make mistakes. My mistakes are just lessons.”

Saturday’s Affirmation: “Tomorrow is another day to be FABULOUS!

I wish you well on your Journeys this week! I hope you can allow yourself some time to make a message!



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