Thor’s Day Thoughts

Thursday’s Affirmation: “I will do one random act of kindness today. I will allow someone to be kind back.”

Why is there so much swimming in the Olympics? Although, HA *blush* I can’t complain TOO much about watching. ;-p

Why are motorcycles so LOUD? They really should come up with a better name& attachment that really is a “muffler.”

Why is it so hard for others to care? Are we really that jaded and walled up of an American society? I don’t think so. I can’t think so. It must just be in the coffee. Is that why tea makes me feel so happy? #Nods to Self

Try to send out some loving thoughts and actions to those who don’t have as much abundance in their lives right now. Do something for the hungry, thirsty and the sick, to the lonely and dispossessed. To the anxious and depressed.

Abundant promises to All this harvest season.

I hope you will be loved & cared for.

And to those in my life who feel they are any of these, CHIN UP BUTTERCUPS!

My home is always HOME. ♥


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