Fresh, baked, Mmm…

Photograph Snapped by Derek

Can you smell that? Mmm… Homemade BREAD!

Holidays for me are always easily remembered by the smell. I can remember many family occasions where Grandmother was baking and pulling out her freshly done buns, pies, puddings, and birds. Filling the room with an herbed & buttery mouth watering aroma that begged you, taunted you, to sneak a piece away…

Okay, I’ve said I was a foodie before, but did you quite know the extent?

Lammas started early for me this year because it was my best friend’s Jack & Jill Party this last week end. It was filled with summer foods, rich in colour and flavour. It was a tasty “pre-game” to this week’s festivities, and I’ll tell you, when we party, we went all the way! It was a blast! And both the bride and bride’s groom had a FABULOUS time…

Since my surgery, I wasn’t able to have a large Lammas feast on the day of, but I was able to make Patti Oatens and eggs for breakfast, and some homemade zucchini bread, large enough to feed the whole family.

What did you & yours do on Lammas Eve & yesterday dear ones? The tide isn’t over yet, celebrate this entire season: the Summer turning to Autumn, or as Poppy Palin calls it, the “Time of the Abundant Promise.” What will you give thanks for this first harvest? Who will you show gratitude for?

“May you never hunger, may you never thirst!” -Starhawk

Here is a short poem I wrote last year about the sabbat. I urge you to write your own!

Gather ye breads, vegetables and fruits!
Harvest time has come filling our noses with delight.
Gather ye free lovers of music, art and ale!
Dancing time has come washing our tongues with delight.
Gather ye sultry hunger, touches and chants!
Hedonistic debauchery has come to grasp our bodies in delight.
Gather ye friends, lovers and spirits!
Celebration has come to our Souls…

Take stock in what you have,
and share in what is ours.
Take stock in what we have,
and share in what is yours.

Smile at the sun, and pound at the dough.
Make your Wicker man alight,
and see where the evening shall go.

Fingertips graze stubble, fern and frond.
As we walk the fields hand in hand.

Sweet delicious bread!
As I kiss lips dripping with honey…


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