Prepping for Lammas

Photograph by Derek
This week, go out there Rebel Souls and do something for YOU. Try buying yourself flowers! Or go for a walk and pick from the side of the road! Be wild! Be carefree! The gifting of flowers is the ultimate gift one can purchase for one’s Self. Their language supersedes any other language, for their tongue is the Language of Light. Mmm…feel better? How will your flowers speak to you?

The sun shines down on me as I sit here, thinking. Pondering. Reflecting. Nostalgia surrounds me. This Midsummer season passed like a flash! I have retreated from the world, spelunked deep into caves, sunk under the waves of waterfalls, rivers, lakes and ponds. I’ve fallen off the bandwagon a couple times, cried my tears, and have gotten lost listening to the stars I have smiled at my own Inner Darkness, hugged it fiercely, bunkered down and welcomed in the Light. I’ve given birth to a fulfilling business that COMPLETES me. I have family and friends that ADORE me.

It has truly been a magickal season! And I will miss it. Wait on second thought, maybe not all of it, haha! But, yes for the most part I am GLAD, and HAPPY, and wonderfully GRATEFUL that it did. Because everything, no matter how horrific it may seem is a lesson. Believe me, I got myself here! And it was NOT easy! But Goddess (The Great Spirit, The Universe, God, Allah, Jehovah, etc. etc. ad nauseum) knows, it isn’t all for not.  Everything happens for a reason, and I can now (finally) keep my head held high and believe that I did AS MUCH AS I COULD, and NOTHING ELSE MATTERS.

I have had the opportunity to truly GROW this season! The seeds that I planted in the beginning of Spring, have come to fruition, in the most unconventional and whimsical ways! I have had the opportunity to behold the amazing healing energy of a “Joy-full” kirtan sung by my friend Joy Adler. I have hiked countless trails and stumbled upon one out of only two Peace Pagodas near Grafton Lake, NY. The deep peace that accumulated from just these two events shook me to my core and opened me up to the wide, and wonderful things that surround us. We just have to be AWARE of what is and is happening! Who would have thought? Mmm, delicious, all of it!

How was your season friends? Is it done, or is just beginning? ;-p

I begin this next turn of the wheel of the year to Lammas with a sense of peace, accomplishment, and pride.

Lammas, or Lughnasadh is an ancient celebration of Life! Of living life to its fullest and honouring the Earth through expression. Expressing this love of land and heart by sharing in the land and by sharing in with the heart. By writing and sharing poetry, music, stories. By dancing, and breaking bread with your loved ones. This is the famous Bread & Beer Festival because this was (and still is) typically the time that wheat and hops are harvested. YAY!

Now, I’m not BIG on beer per say, but I am very liking to fresh, home baked breads! Mmm…

I will be beginning the Summer turning to Autumn with working working working. Writing, writing, writing. Now that the fun has passed, I can really focus and put my plans into action! I plan on signing up for classes at University to FINALLY finish my degree (I KNOW?!), start some Reiki classes (VERY GOOD!) and begin work on some workshoppes I plan to teach in the late Mabon season (Be Excited!)

I hope to see some or even ALL of your faces in the coming months! It’s going to be just a BLAST!

I am taking all of August off from work in order to recover from a surgery I am having, so I will be posting, and updating, and staying in touch MUCH MORE than I was before. Like I said, play is over, now the REAL FUN begins!

Namaste  Poet & Warrior Hearts!

May you have a rockin’ Season!


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