Roomie Rapport

Photograph by Derek

So, dear ones, I am writing you from my back yard. And can I tell you as I look around, GOODNESS! It needs an overhaul! Living with roommates can be challenging, especially, if those said roommates are MIA half all the time, yet when they ARE home they explode as if they OWN the place. LMAO!!

(Got up and started tidying things up a bit)

There! I feel LOADS better! I really don’t like clutter and all of that stuffy-stuff can really be an inspiration killer for someone who picks up on energy vibrations. But these are the things that happen. These are the chances one takes I guess with roomies. I love them, yes, yes I DO. But after asking over and over again to please pick up after yourself and to not throw cigarette butts on the ground (ICK!) it can become taxing. So, after some serious meditating I came to a SUPER conclusion.

Everyone operates creatively on different levels. Each artist has their own medium for growth. Some enjoy clutter. Some take pleasure in physically seeing that they are making a creative wave and seeing it ripple outward in a physical manifesting way opens up their hearts!

 Of course, there are others as well.

There are those that need organized beauty to surround them. Those that take time to place each piece here, each book there. Each statue over there. There are those that are natural feng shui organizers! And that is also a beautiful thing!

So what is one to do?

Well, start by NOT CLEANING UP AFTER OTHERS! OR IF YOU DO, do in such a way that is respectful. Your roommates need to strip themselves of the label of “the kids” and not be treated in terms of “mommy or daddy.” Each adult has to be accountable for THEIR actions. Even YOU!

So, be the good diplomat and foster a good rapport, if it isn’t sticking or after a few days it goes back to how things were, then gently give reminders. And if you are still having issues, well then it’s just time to say good-bye. It may be sad, but when people are absent minded after such a long period, then it just shows they JUST DON’T CARE. And beautiful ones, YOU JUST DON’T NEED THAT. People need to grow up at some point, and at the end of the day, all you can do is worry about YOU and YOU only. So hug it out, and go find that new enchanting sacred space that you can call home. OR- perhaps they are just about to move out. (Often this is the case. They’ve made up their mind, and they cant focus enough to think about the aftermath of their actions. Kindly smile through it and wait it out. Hopefully, your friendship wont be tarnished. Hopefully you will be able to hug it out, and wish each other PEACE. Shanti, shanti, shanti. OM).

Here are my Ten Kick Ass Rules for Roomies:

  1. Try to understand each roomie’s feelings or ideas and communicate yours well. It’s ALL about COMMUNICATION.
  2.  NEVER room with a BFF unless the two of you are on the same wavelength in terms of spiritual, mental, and physical space. Oftentimes, there will be one roommate who tries to “control” the other.
  3. Same goes for décor.
  4. Let’s talk food. If youre anal about labeling foods because you can’t trust people to not eat your food. Then wherever you are living is NOT a good situation. Roommates should act like a family unit, albeit unconventional. How about this: ASK before you TAKE.
  5. Let’s talk about sex. If one of your roomies has a significant other, its probably best that you text or call before having anyone over. Who knows what you will be walking in on, so yet again, COMMUNICATE. Also, contrary to your belief, not EVERYONE wants to hear you WOMPING YOUR SOCKS OFF. ;-p
  6. Bills? Bills should be divided equally. Period. Money should never be an issue because it causes way too many disagreements. But if you and your roomies can be mindful of your own spending, one should never have to say those eight words that every roomie cringes at: “Can you pay my portion of the rent?” This goes without saying, but you’d be surprised.
  7. How about pets? Many people are allergic. So be sure to be mindful of the type of pet, and if you’re lucky, perhaps your roomie would be kind enough to take medicine. THAT IS ALWAYS A BLESSING! But also, if you desperately want a pet, you NEED TO BE RESPONSIBLE enough to take CARE of that said pet ON YOUR OWN. Remember, your apartment is not a Puppy Day Care, and your roommates are not there to take care of your or your significant others pets. Just be respectful. Ask first. Communicate.
  8. HOME SHOULD BE A TEMPLE. All roomies should treat the space as sacred. Which means, EVERYONE should be pitching in on the cleaning. Not just one or two. This causes unnecessary resentment. Yet again, if you’re not living with your parents, you are thus an adult. So act like one and CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF.
  9. Each group of roomies, should always have RULES. If a group of people should be living together for an extended period of time, everyone needs to be able to sometimes suck things up, and work for the greater good.
  10. No situation is ever ideal. IF ONLY! 😉 Just remember to act respectfully, honestly, and responsibly.

BEST of Luck Roomies!

Affirmation: “I will be respectful. I will be true. I will be a good roomie, this I shall do!”


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