Sacred Land Guided Meditation

Photograph by Derek
Five Rivers Environmental Education Center, Delmar, NY

Affirmation: “The world speaks with many tongues. I choose to speak with the language of Light.”

Preparing With Some Supplies:

  • Tell any roommate(s) or family members that you will need to be left alone (for about 30 min.- 1 hr.)
  • Ask politely for their respect and for their silence. (Perhaps they could go out for a walk or something.)
  • Grab a favourite soothing scent (i.e. incense, essential oil, or perfume)
  • A candle, the size doesn’t matter (a cute and simple tea-light will do just fine)
  • Make ice and chill some water in the fridge (You will need this after the meditation)
  • Fresh vegetables and/or fruit to pair with the chilled water (This is to ground & centre you)
  • Think temperature. Is it hot or cold? (use air conditioning/fans or blankets as needed)
  • Make a meditation playlist or grab a CD of soothing music. (Loreena McKennit, Putumayo Present, Dave Stringer & Spring Groove are GREAT!)
  • And finally, turn off any alarms or cellphones and retreat into your own inner silence…

Guided Meditation for Journeying to Your Sacred Land

What is super cool about guided meditations is that you can have someone go with you! Have a trusted friend, or a loved one read the following meditation while you are in trance. Or, if you don’t simply read ahead and try to remember as much as possible. What is fun is VISUALIZING and following along while you read it to yourself, OUT LOUD, it makes it so much easier!

So buckle your seat belts kids, sit or lay down on your back however you feel comfortable. Light the candle and incense, and breathe in your perfume or essential oil. Turn on the music, and let’s get ready to rock and roll! Literally!

Let’s begin in a Yogi position and cross our legs. Adjust yourself as necessary. Roll around a bit on your back, wriggle your backbone, roll around like you did as a child in gym class. Have FUN! When you feel warmed up, be sure to re-position your bottom and your sits bones so you don’t feel uncomfortable and also so you can properly align with your backbone. Close your eyes…and BREATHE. Breathe in…breathe out…breathe in… breathe out. Create a repetition. Do one in, one out. Or, one in, hold, and breathe out. Try counting to a certain degree. Breathe in, one-two-three-four. Hold, one-two-three-four. Breathe out, one-two-three-four.

If thoughts permeate your brain, acknowledge those worries, and then let them drift away. This is our time. Your time. You are allowed to take this time for yourself. You deserve it. You can worry later, but right now, this is sacred. This is your sacred time for You.

Mmm, doesn’t that feel nice? Pay attention to your breath. Breathe deeply down into your belly, fill those lungs, relish in the fact that YOU ARE ALIVE. You are here. YOU. ARE. BREATHING.

Feel any tensions release. Feel all the stress leave your body as you exhale. With every inhale, feel the life-force, the Mana energy that is all around us, building up in you, feeding you, sustaining you. Giving you the courage. The strength. The power. After a while you may begin to feel that you are reaching a max of energy, you may be tingling, you may feel light and clean and free. Once you find this place, know you are safe. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. You are filled with light, warm radiating light. Your face, your arms, your hands, your feet. Your eyes, your toes, your lips, your ears. All shine with the grace of pure true unconditional love for yourself. Down, down you go through the earth. Down, down you travel with each breath. Allow yourself to go deeper, and deeper still into your being. Allow yourself to accept yourself as you are now, able to make choices from a place of personal power, a place of wisdom, a place where all of life is born and reborn. Now, where are you right now? Let’s go on an adventure. To a place within you where you can always return. It is a place of your own design. Do you find yourself in a field? Near a river? A pond, a pool? Look at your surroundings, this is your true home, this is your sacred place.  Take a few minutes to journey around, explore, relax, sit, and meditate even farther. Ever deeper. You are now in Trance time. The world of noise and pollution has been left behind.  Yours is a land of plenty. Of fresh greens, of beauty. Look to the horizon. What do you see? Remember it. Learn from it. What does it say to you? Take some time to listen…and LEARN from this new world.

After a while, and take your time doing so, go for a walk. Find me there with you. Where am I? Am I in a red tent on a hill? Near a river bank pondering the fish? Am I, I? What face or mask am I wearing? What gender am I? When you find me. Allow me to take your hand. My hand feels warm yet refreshingly cold at the same time. My form at first may be transparent, but with time I will become more clear. As I take your hand I start to lead you to a bridge. This bridge connects are two lands together. And you may find that the bridge changes with every visit you may make in the future. For all things in life are malleable, changeable and it is simply the way things are meant to be. In my  land, there are trees. Tall Ancient Pines. Hemlock, Ferns, and Moss. Mushrooms and Rivers laden with Willow. Sunflowers, and Roses, and Queen Anne’s Lace. For this is my Sanctuary. We walk past Brothers Deer, Otter, and Butterfly. Sisters Fox, Bear, and Heron. Grandmother’s Lilac, Sage, and Cedar. Grandfather’s Rosemary, Lavender, and Lemon grass . Children’s laughter and song. Hares jumping and eating clover. Ancestor stone circles, and Holy Ones playing cards. After seeing all of this, I lead you to a grotto. Apple Trees in various stages of maturity. Some full of floral blossoms, some with ripe delicious apples, and some even barren. Bees buzz nearby. Their melody seems to dance on the winds. Mmm, lap up the sound with your mind’s tongue. How does it taste? Does it have a colour? It has a music of its own, separate from the Bees. This nectar is alive. It is electric and it fills you with Magick as we walk and venture further towards the hive. Do not worry, for this is a land where all beings live cooperatively. Where both man and beast can converse and aide each other. The Bees are our teachers for today. When we reach the hive, they sense we are there, and actually they knew we were coming. I ask them if they can offer you some wisdom, and they agree joyfully  bringing drops of honey and let them slide onto my tongue. But I must leave you now and will wait back at the grotto under the Apple Blossoms. Do not fear I will only be a short distance away. Sometimes knowledge is meant for only one person and one person only. Sit with them for a while and meditate. Ask them a question, ask from deep within your heart. When you are ready, speak to them in your own way for they speak the language of Light. They hum around you and say “TASTE…LEARN…LISTEN…” Stick out your tongue and take in their knowledge. When you are finished give them thanks and return to me. Take as long as you need. But do not ask too many questions, for bees are very busy, and have much to accomplish in a day.

Once you have finished with the bees and have thanked them, you find me hanging with my legs from an Apple branch smiling cheerfully. I jump down and take your hand again, and with the other part the branches and you see the bridge we crossed over. I take you back and now it is time for you to return. Return to your own land and to take what you learned with you.  What did you learn?  Will you listen to the wisdom of the bees? Go back to your sacred place and venture as long as you wish. Ponder the Bee’s song. And know you can always return to my land again for any sort of guidance.

Eventually sit down again and begin to breathe. Inhale. Exhale. Up and up you go, back into regular reality. Fill yourself with Mana. Let it carry you up through yourself. Up through it all. Whisper your goodbyes, and then open your eyes.

Remember what you learned from this journey. Remember where you were. Remember your sacred place. What will you bring back with you? How can you incorporate the wisdom you learned while there in this reality? Do something every day that brings you closer to the world you wish to live in.

I urge you to journal after any meditation because sometimes symbols and messages don’t always get spoken. Sometimes they happen out of the corner of your eye. The Deep Self within us speaks in a different language unto itself. And sometimes takes a while to translate. So write every detail down. You may be surprised to find out the answers.

Sometimes all we need in our lives is peaceful self-reflection.

Lots of Love Beams Your Way,
And as always, Namaste. ❤


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