Your Three Beautiful Selves…The “ONLY You, Yourself & I.”

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(Adapted from Starhawk’s The Three Selves in The Pagan Book of Living and Dying, 1997)

Hello You!

This week has been a magnificent week for me! It feels like everything is coming into place! I am feeling freer and brighter, lighter and filled with self-love! Granted, I aspirated on wine, got a tad sick, but you know what dearest ones?

It was exactly what I needed!! I needed to write! To sit back and allow myself some down-time. TO take a few moments for MYSELF, instead of constantly making journeys and plans on my days off. Those days are OFF for a reason. After awhile all the adventure in the world can become a bit too much if it is constant. We need to delve into ourselves, and make time for ourselves. We need to retreat, even if it is just in our own homes with some light music on, some tea nearby, lit incense and sitting or LAYING on a nice comfy COUCH!

Mmm…I challenge you this week to feel the coziness of home in the heat of the summer & really discover WHO you are & WHO are you becoming?!

Grab a good book, turn on a fan (or if you’re LUCKY- YAY! Air condition!) Turn OFF your phone, and spend the day or even just a few hours with the ONLY YOU, YOURSELF, and I.

Get to know yourselves better! Really look at yourself, do a few of the guided meditations if you want to. Grab a journal and write! Draw! Sketch! Doodle! Do whatever makes you feel comfortable, safe and serene…

Early this week I read a section from Starhawk’s book The Pagan Book of Living and Dying. In it was an article entitled, “The Three Selves” followed by a “Meditation for Contacting Deep Self.”  Here are some of my notes explaining The Three Selves, and MY adaptations of those thoughts. I urge you to do the same thing. We don’t always have to learn things by verbatim, sometimes, HEHE, we can EXPAND on an idea or thought, and…

…Create True Magick!

The Talking Self can be…

  • The rational, “adult”, verbal self, the personality we can most often identify with.
  • Responds to words, thoughts, philosophies, numbers.
  • The Left brained Self: the analytic, over thinking, over analyzing, formal, strict, conventional, biased, rigid, dogmatic religious self.
  • The “ONLY YOU.”

The Younger Self can be…

  • The emotional, preverbial, instinctive, and creative self
  • Responds more to images, sounds, rhythms, and smells than to words.
  • The Right brained Self: the artistic, sensual, multicultural, holistic, hedonistic, pleasure seeking, expressive, wild, no-rules, carefree, intuitive self.
  • The “YOURSELF.”

The Deep Self can be…

  • The part of us that does not disintegrate at death (Extends through many Lifetimes)
  • Mediates between our personality and the great powers of Life and Death.
  • The personal God or Goddess within us
  • Our own inner Guardian
  • The underlying rock that creates the form that our awareness takes
  • Shapes our fate, lines up the lessons we need to learn, and guides our evolution
  • Our Core Being: the deep spirit-soul self. *Note: difference between spiritual & religious selves.
  • That which provides a balance between our Talking & Younger Selves and makes us, us.
  • The “I.”

“When we are in contact with Deep Self, we feel a sense of rightness in our choices and actions, not self-righteousness or complacency but a visceral sense of knowing we are on the right road. Whatever happens, whatever the consequences of our actions, we know we are doing what we are meant to do.

We may be able to make contact with our Deep Self through the Younger Self, not the Talking Self by way of images, emotions, colours, and sensual cues rather than words.” –Starhawk

We each have ranging diverse personalities. Each of us is a beautiful mixture of many, MANY, different qualities. We have quirks, we have trademarks. We have Life and Love and Light!

We have “good” qualities, and we have “bad” qualities. But by connecting to our Deep Self we can learn to integrate and live true authentic lives that ARE US. Lives where we can be free to express who WE TRULY ARE. Without censorship. Without anyone else telling us what to do. We have our own inner wise Voices that yearn to be LISTENED to.

Here is a simple meditation for contacting the Deep Self. I hope you enjoy it! ;-p

Meditation for Contacting Deep Self by Starhawk

Sit in a quiet, comfortable place and close your eyes. Ask yourself, “What is truly sacred to me? What do I most deeply value? What would I take a stand for?” When an answer arises, ask, “When are my life-energies directed toward serving what is truly sacred for me? How do I feel in that moment?”

Concentrate on that feeling. Link it to memories, colours, kinesthetic sensations, sounds and smells. Maybe you imagine it as a deep forest of ancient trees, dark green, smelling of earth and rain, filled with the sound of the wind in the branches. Or maybe it is a playground in the park, filled with the sounds of happy children playing, enlivened by bright colours and the scent of flowers.

When you are steeped in the feeling, and the scene is real to you, imagine a presence hovering about three feet above your head, as a sphere of blue fire. Call the presence down and let her or him enter your scene. Imagine that you can see a person, looking very much like yourself. Greet your Deep Self and take some to speak together, to ask for guidance and strength. Your Deep Self may suggest a daily practice for staying in close contact, or give you a name to call or an image to use.

Take the time you need, and then thank your Deep Self. Imagine the presence floating back into the sphere and then dissolving. Say goodbye to your image of the Sacred, open your eyes, and come back.

Mmm…how do You feel?

Now that you are back? Now that you have journeyed and have spoken with your Deep Self? Write everything down in your journal so you remember it. What wisdom did you learn? What is your next step? What advise did you receive? What images popped into your head? What synchronicities are about to come about?

The Truth within You will guide You on Your Way.



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