Descending into the Unknown

Photograph by Unknown

Hello darlings!

I hope your weekends were marvelous! I charted some subterranean territory with some beautiful people in the Clarksville Caves in the capitol region of Albany. We journeyed into the Underworld with flashlights attached to our arms and a thirst for summer adventure in our hearts.

I’ve only done trivial cave viewing before, so this was quite the change! I was reminded of the story of Persephone and Hades, when we were deep within the caves and darkness surrounded our glowing arms and bobbing heads. It felt peaceful to be deep within the womb of the Earth. The cold fresh air was refreshing, and the cold waters called my name to lap them up with my tongue.

Along the way, I left shell offerings to pay homage to the cavern. It was my way to pay the Ferryman and to recollect my deposit on leaving.

I dare all of you to take some time this week and venture into the wild.

Whether it is forest, lake or cave. Last week’s prompt was about hearing the whispers of the Green Ones. This week, I ask you to take it a step further and

meditate and listen to the natural world around you.

Not only the plants and trees, but our water and mineral friends as well. Even if you just find an inspirational picture online or a piece of art. Affirm to yourselves,

“I journey into my darkness, and reclaim my Light. I venture into my depths, and reclaim my Wildness. Descending into my deepest abyss, I reclaim my true name.”

Climbing out of that cave was like giving birth to myself. My new Self.

Leaving behind a skeleton, and reclaiming a new name. It was a transformational experience.



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