Let it Go!

Photograph by Derek.

“Shut-up. Chill. And OM-out for a minute!” These were very powerful words that were spoken to me over the weekend. Yes, to ME.

Even I can “lose it” from time to time, and that is okay. It means we are human. Emotional, yes. Sensitive, yes. Feeling, yes. We are all of these, and unfortunately, there is such a thing about being “too-open.”

Dear ones. Sometimes, getting a day takes more than repeating an affirmation in your head. No amount of words could heal a wound so forceful, so deeply that you will be *Poof! All better in under a minute.

This isn’t how it works. Affirmations are tools, helpers, to keep us on a path. But sometimes those helpers are just not strong enough. Sometimes we are not strong enough: to be there for a loved one, especially for one who can be both inconsiderate and distant. Sometimes we may not feel strong enough to take yor self burdens and then theirs as well.

Or so it may seem…

“Let it go!” Mmm, wouldn’t that be so perfect? To stand on top of a mountain and shout “I’m FREEEEEE!”

That would be a true blessing.

But we are humans, and we foolish mortals tend to overreact, oversensitize ourselves, and over think things far too often. And this can cause some serious mental issues, that sneak up and go all dragon-lady (or dragon-lord) on our psyches. And then we freak even further, because we are losing it. And the vicious cycle continues. That is why I strongly suggest anyone who is routinely having these feelings, talk to someone! A friend, a trusted spiritual leader, a therapist…even a complete and utter stranger.

Believe me stranger things have been done, and that so called stranger may have some hidden wisdom in their words.

If you have noticed, I have changed things up a bit. Opening this business has added an additional outlet for my words, but recently I have been over doing it in all areas of MY life. Yes. MY LIFE. It’s funny, I was sitting there, thinking, brainstorming, obsessing. Worried, how can I offer people advise when I myself am yes, “LOSING-IT.” My mind, body and spirit were not in sync. A close friend said to me Sunday, “when someone who is on a spiritual path, gets hitter harder or more abruptly than before. We have to face some pretty dark forces, mostly within ourselves, that allows us to find that inner peace, and that inner wisdom. We need these freak-out moments to ironically, live. And learn to live better. To love better.”

These words were very powerful for me, and for anyone. That is why I share them with you. Because dear ones, I not only write for you, I write for myself.

So, yes. I had a freak-out moment. Okay, okay. I had a bit of a nervous breakdown…alright, a nervous breakdown, and it scared me. But you know what dear readers? It was okay.

It was okay, because I had the tools within me. The resources to pull myself out of it. Granted, those tools and resources were close soul-friends, guides and healers. But we each have these in our lives. We simply need to allow ourselves to realise it.

YOU have the tools my lovelies!

That person you call whenever something goes bad. That Voice deep within you that says, “Breathe. Slowly. Breathe. It will be okay. You can do this.” The compassionate hand, that heart-felt hug, that maybe you don’t want at the time, but sometimes…

You just need to have a good cry!

So cry, scream, and cry some more. Write it down. Talk it out. Choose your music for awhile wisely. And then sleep. It’s okay to check out from time to time.

“You have been called from the place of your dwelling, After times, after duties, after separations. May blessed soul-friends guide you, May helping spirits lead you, May the Gatherer of Souls call you, May the homeward path rise up under your feet And lead you gladly home.” –Caitlin Matthews, “Soul-Leading For Someone Who Has Died Suddenly or Unexpectedly” from her book, Celtic Devotional Daily Prayers & Blessings

Often, when there is a trauma, it is a mini-death. No matter how large or small the emotional situation, when our heart’s break, a part of ourselves breaks off, and dies. Shamans journey to find these missing parts of ourselves, and help guide them home, to you to make one whole again. This can be a tricky situation, and take much time. But in the end you may be “led gladly home.”

So this week’s daily affirmation goes a little like this:

Affirmation: “I breathe in, and reclaim my power. I breathe out, and say good-bye to the pain, the humiliation, and the self blame. I breathe in, and reclaim my Self. I breathe out, and say good-bye.”

Sometimes, the heart is the hardest thing to master, but the deeper wisdom behind this, is that it shouldn’t be something to master, it should be something to be listened to. When your heart is breaking, for what ever reason, take it as a sign that something deep within you, does NOT resonate with the one inflicting the harm. It may be unintentional, or maybe sometimes it may be warranted. The difference is how are you going to make things better? Are you going to obsess, or are you simply going to finally accept the unacceptable and say good-bye.

It’s completely okay to accept that you cannot heal the world, and every person who comes your way. Sometimes, we aren’t strong enough, and sometimes that person does NOT want to be healed. This only leads to more suffering. Live and listen by your heart. It is your ultimate compass. Listen. Should it set you wrong, it may be for a bigger, deeper reason. Sometimes the dark can be a teacher. What lessons will you learn from playing with fire? We can be a very stubborn species. Especially us spirituals. Because we tend to think that we can do it all, but at the end of the day, we are only human.

And sometimes… we fall.

Remember, It’s okay to break down, and hit rock bottom. That’s where all your true strength resides.

It’s where you can decide to get back up! Turn things around, and embrace a whole new way of Life.

Hugs dear ones. You can do it!

Affirmation: “I choose to make a Life that creates happiness for myself and for others.” ~Joanna Powell Colbert

Here is a look at the affirmation I sent to some on Saturday. I was trying to be pro-active, but fell short just a tad. In the future I am going to instead of emailing every day, I will just do it once per week, trying to keep it simple yet still full of substance, and will still post via Facebook as inspiration hits me.

Due to technical difficulties, I haven’t been able to be as prompt with all the emails.

I am sitting underside a great cedar in Washington Park, thinking what is the best advise I could give both myself and others?
And you know what dearies? I can’t tell you.


No one ever knows all the answers. No one ever knows what thee best advise or inspiration could be for anyone, however, we take a stab in the dark and hope to touch sunshine along the way.

I spotted this beautiful and independent Sunflower the other day, and its radiance was medicine! This week I have been studying the healing energies of the Green Ones. The plants and flowers and trees and herbs and yes, “weeds” too! 😉

Sometimes a silent whisper from a sunflower saying, “Keep smiling…” is all we ever need when we are downtrodden.

Hmm, this week, for you my loves. What will you take notice in the natural world around you? What soul medicine will you find from one of the green? Will they whisper? Or shout!?

Take a few moments to sit outside in a garden or go for a walk in the park. Or simply take notice of your front/ back yard, sidewalks, or parking lots.

Wisdom and advise is always just around the corner.



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