Prepping for Lammas

Photograph by Derek
This week, go out there Rebel Souls and do something for YOU. Try buying yourself flowers! Or go for a walk and pick from the side of the road! Be wild! Be carefree! The gifting of flowers is the ultimate gift one can purchase for one’s Self. Their language supersedes any other language, for their tongue is the Language of Light. Mmm…feel better? How will your flowers speak to you?

The sun shines down on me as I sit here, thinking. Pondering. Reflecting. Nostalgia surrounds me. This Midsummer season passed like a flash! I have retreated from the world, spelunked deep into caves, sunk under the waves of waterfalls, rivers, lakes and ponds. I’ve fallen off the bandwagon a couple times, cried my tears, and have gotten lost listening to the stars I have smiled at my own Inner Darkness, hugged it fiercely, bunkered down and welcomed in the Light. I’ve given birth to a fulfilling business that COMPLETES me. I have family and friends that ADORE me.

It has truly been a magickal season! And I will miss it. Wait on second thought, maybe not all of it, haha! But, yes for the most part I am GLAD, and HAPPY, and wonderfully GRATEFUL that it did. Because everything, no matter how horrific it may seem is a lesson. Believe me, I got myself here! And it was NOT easy! But Goddess (The Great Spirit, The Universe, God, Allah, Jehovah, etc. etc. ad nauseum) knows, it isn’t all for not.  Everything happens for a reason, and I can now (finally) keep my head held high and believe that I did AS MUCH AS I COULD, and NOTHING ELSE MATTERS.

I have had the opportunity to truly GROW this season! The seeds that I planted in the beginning of Spring, have come to fruition, in the most unconventional and whimsical ways! I have had the opportunity to behold the amazing healing energy of a “Joy-full” kirtan sung by my friend Joy Adler. I have hiked countless trails and stumbled upon one out of only two Peace Pagodas near Grafton Lake, NY. The deep peace that accumulated from just these two events shook me to my core and opened me up to the wide, and wonderful things that surround us. We just have to be AWARE of what is and is happening! Who would have thought? Mmm, delicious, all of it!

How was your season friends? Is it done, or is just beginning? ;-p

I begin this next turn of the wheel of the year to Lammas with a sense of peace, accomplishment, and pride.

Lammas, or Lughnasadh is an ancient celebration of Life! Of living life to its fullest and honouring the Earth through expression. Expressing this love of land and heart by sharing in the land and by sharing in with the heart. By writing and sharing poetry, music, stories. By dancing, and breaking bread with your loved ones. This is the famous Bread & Beer Festival because this was (and still is) typically the time that wheat and hops are harvested. YAY!

Now, I’m not BIG on beer per say, but I am very liking to fresh, home baked breads! Mmm…

I will be beginning the Summer turning to Autumn with working working working. Writing, writing, writing. Now that the fun has passed, I can really focus and put my plans into action! I plan on signing up for classes at University to FINALLY finish my degree (I KNOW?!), start some Reiki classes (VERY GOOD!) and begin work on some workshoppes I plan to teach in the late Mabon season (Be Excited!)

I hope to see some or even ALL of your faces in the coming months! It’s going to be just a BLAST!

I am taking all of August off from work in order to recover from a surgery I am having, so I will be posting, and updating, and staying in touch MUCH MORE than I was before. Like I said, play is over, now the REAL FUN begins!

Namaste  Poet & Warrior Hearts!

May you have a rockin’ Season!


Roomie Rapport

Photograph by Derek

So, dear ones, I am writing you from my back yard. And can I tell you as I look around, GOODNESS! It needs an overhaul! Living with roommates can be challenging, especially, if those said roommates are MIA half all the time, yet when they ARE home they explode as if they OWN the place. LMAO!!

(Got up and started tidying things up a bit)

There! I feel LOADS better! I really don’t like clutter and all of that stuffy-stuff can really be an inspiration killer for someone who picks up on energy vibrations. But these are the things that happen. These are the chances one takes I guess with roomies. I love them, yes, yes I DO. But after asking over and over again to please pick up after yourself and to not throw cigarette butts on the ground (ICK!) it can become taxing. So, after some serious meditating I came to a SUPER conclusion.

Everyone operates creatively on different levels. Each artist has their own medium for growth. Some enjoy clutter. Some take pleasure in physically seeing that they are making a creative wave and seeing it ripple outward in a physical manifesting way opens up their hearts!

 Of course, there are others as well.

There are those that need organized beauty to surround them. Those that take time to place each piece here, each book there. Each statue over there. There are those that are natural feng shui organizers! And that is also a beautiful thing!

So what is one to do?

Well, start by NOT CLEANING UP AFTER OTHERS! OR IF YOU DO, do in such a way that is respectful. Your roommates need to strip themselves of the label of “the kids” and not be treated in terms of “mommy or daddy.” Each adult has to be accountable for THEIR actions. Even YOU!

So, be the good diplomat and foster a good rapport, if it isn’t sticking or after a few days it goes back to how things were, then gently give reminders. And if you are still having issues, well then it’s just time to say good-bye. It may be sad, but when people are absent minded after such a long period, then it just shows they JUST DON’T CARE. And beautiful ones, YOU JUST DON’T NEED THAT. People need to grow up at some point, and at the end of the day, all you can do is worry about YOU and YOU only. So hug it out, and go find that new enchanting sacred space that you can call home. OR- perhaps they are just about to move out. (Often this is the case. They’ve made up their mind, and they cant focus enough to think about the aftermath of their actions. Kindly smile through it and wait it out. Hopefully, your friendship wont be tarnished. Hopefully you will be able to hug it out, and wish each other PEACE. Shanti, shanti, shanti. OM).

Here are my Ten Kick Ass Rules for Roomies:

  1. Try to understand each roomie’s feelings or ideas and communicate yours well. It’s ALL about COMMUNICATION.
  2.  NEVER room with a BFF unless the two of you are on the same wavelength in terms of spiritual, mental, and physical space. Oftentimes, there will be one roommate who tries to “control” the other.
  3. Same goes for décor.
  4. Let’s talk food. If youre anal about labeling foods because you can’t trust people to not eat your food. Then wherever you are living is NOT a good situation. Roommates should act like a family unit, albeit unconventional. How about this: ASK before you TAKE.
  5. Let’s talk about sex. If one of your roomies has a significant other, its probably best that you text or call before having anyone over. Who knows what you will be walking in on, so yet again, COMMUNICATE. Also, contrary to your belief, not EVERYONE wants to hear you WOMPING YOUR SOCKS OFF. ;-p
  6. Bills? Bills should be divided equally. Period. Money should never be an issue because it causes way too many disagreements. But if you and your roomies can be mindful of your own spending, one should never have to say those eight words that every roomie cringes at: “Can you pay my portion of the rent?” This goes without saying, but you’d be surprised.
  7. How about pets? Many people are allergic. So be sure to be mindful of the type of pet, and if you’re lucky, perhaps your roomie would be kind enough to take medicine. THAT IS ALWAYS A BLESSING! But also, if you desperately want a pet, you NEED TO BE RESPONSIBLE enough to take CARE of that said pet ON YOUR OWN. Remember, your apartment is not a Puppy Day Care, and your roommates are not there to take care of your or your significant others pets. Just be respectful. Ask first. Communicate.
  8. HOME SHOULD BE A TEMPLE. All roomies should treat the space as sacred. Which means, EVERYONE should be pitching in on the cleaning. Not just one or two. This causes unnecessary resentment. Yet again, if you’re not living with your parents, you are thus an adult. So act like one and CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF.
  9. Each group of roomies, should always have RULES. If a group of people should be living together for an extended period of time, everyone needs to be able to sometimes suck things up, and work for the greater good.
  10. No situation is ever ideal. IF ONLY! 😉 Just remember to act respectfully, honestly, and responsibly.

BEST of Luck Roomies!

Affirmation: “I will be respectful. I will be true. I will be a good roomie, this I shall do!”

Beautifuls! Please, Sign the Global Declaration of Interdependence.

I ask all of you beautiful people out there to read and sign this short 12 line Declaration of Interdependence.

Please join Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE, and thousands of others in signing the Global Declaration of Interdependence


In acknowledgment of the many existing documents and efforts that promote peace, sustainability, global interconnectedness, reverence for life and unity, We, The World hereby offers the following Declaration of Interdependence as a guiding set of principles. It is inspired by the Earth Charter, the essential values of which represent those of the many peoples of the Earth.


Photograph from

We, the people of planet Earth,
In recognition of the interconnectedness of all life
And the importance of the balance of nature,
Hereby acknowledge our interdependence
And affirm our dedication
To life-serving environmental stewardship,
The fulfillment of universal human needs worldwide,
Economic and social well-being,
And a culture of peace and nonviolence,
To ensure a sustainable and harmonious world
For present and future generations.

Sacred Land Guided Meditation

Photograph by Derek
Five Rivers Environmental Education Center, Delmar, NY

Affirmation: “The world speaks with many tongues. I choose to speak with the language of Light.”

Preparing With Some Supplies:

  • Tell any roommate(s) or family members that you will need to be left alone (for about 30 min.- 1 hr.)
  • Ask politely for their respect and for their silence. (Perhaps they could go out for a walk or something.)
  • Grab a favourite soothing scent (i.e. incense, essential oil, or perfume)
  • A candle, the size doesn’t matter (a cute and simple tea-light will do just fine)
  • Make ice and chill some water in the fridge (You will need this after the meditation)
  • Fresh vegetables and/or fruit to pair with the chilled water (This is to ground & centre you)
  • Think temperature. Is it hot or cold? (use air conditioning/fans or blankets as needed)
  • Make a meditation playlist or grab a CD of soothing music. (Loreena McKennit, Putumayo Present, Dave Stringer & Spring Groove are GREAT!)
  • And finally, turn off any alarms or cellphones and retreat into your own inner silence…

Guided Meditation for Journeying to Your Sacred Land

What is super cool about guided meditations is that you can have someone go with you! Have a trusted friend, or a loved one read the following meditation while you are in trance. Or, if you don’t simply read ahead and try to remember as much as possible. What is fun is VISUALIZING and following along while you read it to yourself, OUT LOUD, it makes it so much easier!

So buckle your seat belts kids, sit or lay down on your back however you feel comfortable. Light the candle and incense, and breathe in your perfume or essential oil. Turn on the music, and let’s get ready to rock and roll! Literally!

Let’s begin in a Yogi position and cross our legs. Adjust yourself as necessary. Roll around a bit on your back, wriggle your backbone, roll around like you did as a child in gym class. Have FUN! When you feel warmed up, be sure to re-position your bottom and your sits bones so you don’t feel uncomfortable and also so you can properly align with your backbone. Close your eyes…and BREATHE. Breathe in…breathe out…breathe in… breathe out. Create a repetition. Do one in, one out. Or, one in, hold, and breathe out. Try counting to a certain degree. Breathe in, one-two-three-four. Hold, one-two-three-four. Breathe out, one-two-three-four.

If thoughts permeate your brain, acknowledge those worries, and then let them drift away. This is our time. Your time. You are allowed to take this time for yourself. You deserve it. You can worry later, but right now, this is sacred. This is your sacred time for You.

Mmm, doesn’t that feel nice? Pay attention to your breath. Breathe deeply down into your belly, fill those lungs, relish in the fact that YOU ARE ALIVE. You are here. YOU. ARE. BREATHING.

Feel any tensions release. Feel all the stress leave your body as you exhale. With every inhale, feel the life-force, the Mana energy that is all around us, building up in you, feeding you, sustaining you. Giving you the courage. The strength. The power. After a while you may begin to feel that you are reaching a max of energy, you may be tingling, you may feel light and clean and free. Once you find this place, know you are safe. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. You are filled with light, warm radiating light. Your face, your arms, your hands, your feet. Your eyes, your toes, your lips, your ears. All shine with the grace of pure true unconditional love for yourself. Down, down you go through the earth. Down, down you travel with each breath. Allow yourself to go deeper, and deeper still into your being. Allow yourself to accept yourself as you are now, able to make choices from a place of personal power, a place of wisdom, a place where all of life is born and reborn. Now, where are you right now? Let’s go on an adventure. To a place within you where you can always return. It is a place of your own design. Do you find yourself in a field? Near a river? A pond, a pool? Look at your surroundings, this is your true home, this is your sacred place.  Take a few minutes to journey around, explore, relax, sit, and meditate even farther. Ever deeper. You are now in Trance time. The world of noise and pollution has been left behind.  Yours is a land of plenty. Of fresh greens, of beauty. Look to the horizon. What do you see? Remember it. Learn from it. What does it say to you? Take some time to listen…and LEARN from this new world.

After a while, and take your time doing so, go for a walk. Find me there with you. Where am I? Am I in a red tent on a hill? Near a river bank pondering the fish? Am I, I? What face or mask am I wearing? What gender am I? When you find me. Allow me to take your hand. My hand feels warm yet refreshingly cold at the same time. My form at first may be transparent, but with time I will become more clear. As I take your hand I start to lead you to a bridge. This bridge connects are two lands together. And you may find that the bridge changes with every visit you may make in the future. For all things in life are malleable, changeable and it is simply the way things are meant to be. In my  land, there are trees. Tall Ancient Pines. Hemlock, Ferns, and Moss. Mushrooms and Rivers laden with Willow. Sunflowers, and Roses, and Queen Anne’s Lace. For this is my Sanctuary. We walk past Brothers Deer, Otter, and Butterfly. Sisters Fox, Bear, and Heron. Grandmother’s Lilac, Sage, and Cedar. Grandfather’s Rosemary, Lavender, and Lemon grass . Children’s laughter and song. Hares jumping and eating clover. Ancestor stone circles, and Holy Ones playing cards. After seeing all of this, I lead you to a grotto. Apple Trees in various stages of maturity. Some full of floral blossoms, some with ripe delicious apples, and some even barren. Bees buzz nearby. Their melody seems to dance on the winds. Mmm, lap up the sound with your mind’s tongue. How does it taste? Does it have a colour? It has a music of its own, separate from the Bees. This nectar is alive. It is electric and it fills you with Magick as we walk and venture further towards the hive. Do not worry, for this is a land where all beings live cooperatively. Where both man and beast can converse and aide each other. The Bees are our teachers for today. When we reach the hive, they sense we are there, and actually they knew we were coming. I ask them if they can offer you some wisdom, and they agree joyfully  bringing drops of honey and let them slide onto my tongue. But I must leave you now and will wait back at the grotto under the Apple Blossoms. Do not fear I will only be a short distance away. Sometimes knowledge is meant for only one person and one person only. Sit with them for a while and meditate. Ask them a question, ask from deep within your heart. When you are ready, speak to them in your own way for they speak the language of Light. They hum around you and say “TASTE…LEARN…LISTEN…” Stick out your tongue and take in their knowledge. When you are finished give them thanks and return to me. Take as long as you need. But do not ask too many questions, for bees are very busy, and have much to accomplish in a day.

Once you have finished with the bees and have thanked them, you find me hanging with my legs from an Apple branch smiling cheerfully. I jump down and take your hand again, and with the other part the branches and you see the bridge we crossed over. I take you back and now it is time for you to return. Return to your own land and to take what you learned with you.  What did you learn?  Will you listen to the wisdom of the bees? Go back to your sacred place and venture as long as you wish. Ponder the Bee’s song. And know you can always return to my land again for any sort of guidance.

Eventually sit down again and begin to breathe. Inhale. Exhale. Up and up you go, back into regular reality. Fill yourself with Mana. Let it carry you up through yourself. Up through it all. Whisper your goodbyes, and then open your eyes.

Remember what you learned from this journey. Remember where you were. Remember your sacred place. What will you bring back with you? How can you incorporate the wisdom you learned while there in this reality? Do something every day that brings you closer to the world you wish to live in.

I urge you to journal after any meditation because sometimes symbols and messages don’t always get spoken. Sometimes they happen out of the corner of your eye. The Deep Self within us speaks in a different language unto itself. And sometimes takes a while to translate. So write every detail down. You may be surprised to find out the answers.

Sometimes all we need in our lives is peaceful self-reflection.

Lots of Love Beams Your Way,
And as always, Namaste. ❤

Your Three Beautiful Selves…The “ONLY You, Yourself & I.”

Photo by

(Adapted from Starhawk’s The Three Selves in The Pagan Book of Living and Dying, 1997)

Hello You!

This week has been a magnificent week for me! It feels like everything is coming into place! I am feeling freer and brighter, lighter and filled with self-love! Granted, I aspirated on wine, got a tad sick, but you know what dearest ones?

It was exactly what I needed!! I needed to write! To sit back and allow myself some down-time. TO take a few moments for MYSELF, instead of constantly making journeys and plans on my days off. Those days are OFF for a reason. After awhile all the adventure in the world can become a bit too much if it is constant. We need to delve into ourselves, and make time for ourselves. We need to retreat, even if it is just in our own homes with some light music on, some tea nearby, lit incense and sitting or LAYING on a nice comfy COUCH!

Mmm…I challenge you this week to feel the coziness of home in the heat of the summer & really discover WHO you are & WHO are you becoming?!

Grab a good book, turn on a fan (or if you’re LUCKY- YAY! Air condition!) Turn OFF your phone, and spend the day or even just a few hours with the ONLY YOU, YOURSELF, and I.

Get to know yourselves better! Really look at yourself, do a few of the guided meditations if you want to. Grab a journal and write! Draw! Sketch! Doodle! Do whatever makes you feel comfortable, safe and serene…

Early this week I read a section from Starhawk’s book The Pagan Book of Living and Dying. In it was an article entitled, “The Three Selves” followed by a “Meditation for Contacting Deep Self.”  Here are some of my notes explaining The Three Selves, and MY adaptations of those thoughts. I urge you to do the same thing. We don’t always have to learn things by verbatim, sometimes, HEHE, we can EXPAND on an idea or thought, and…

…Create True Magick!

The Talking Self can be…

  • The rational, “adult”, verbal self, the personality we can most often identify with.
  • Responds to words, thoughts, philosophies, numbers.
  • The Left brained Self: the analytic, over thinking, over analyzing, formal, strict, conventional, biased, rigid, dogmatic religious self.
  • The “ONLY YOU.”

The Younger Self can be…

  • The emotional, preverbial, instinctive, and creative self
  • Responds more to images, sounds, rhythms, and smells than to words.
  • The Right brained Self: the artistic, sensual, multicultural, holistic, hedonistic, pleasure seeking, expressive, wild, no-rules, carefree, intuitive self.
  • The “YOURSELF.”

The Deep Self can be…

  • The part of us that does not disintegrate at death (Extends through many Lifetimes)
  • Mediates between our personality and the great powers of Life and Death.
  • The personal God or Goddess within us
  • Our own inner Guardian
  • The underlying rock that creates the form that our awareness takes
  • Shapes our fate, lines up the lessons we need to learn, and guides our evolution
  • Our Core Being: the deep spirit-soul self. *Note: difference between spiritual & religious selves.
  • That which provides a balance between our Talking & Younger Selves and makes us, us.
  • The “I.”

“When we are in contact with Deep Self, we feel a sense of rightness in our choices and actions, not self-righteousness or complacency but a visceral sense of knowing we are on the right road. Whatever happens, whatever the consequences of our actions, we know we are doing what we are meant to do.

We may be able to make contact with our Deep Self through the Younger Self, not the Talking Self by way of images, emotions, colours, and sensual cues rather than words.” –Starhawk

We each have ranging diverse personalities. Each of us is a beautiful mixture of many, MANY, different qualities. We have quirks, we have trademarks. We have Life and Love and Light!

We have “good” qualities, and we have “bad” qualities. But by connecting to our Deep Self we can learn to integrate and live true authentic lives that ARE US. Lives where we can be free to express who WE TRULY ARE. Without censorship. Without anyone else telling us what to do. We have our own inner wise Voices that yearn to be LISTENED to.

Here is a simple meditation for contacting the Deep Self. I hope you enjoy it! ;-p

Meditation for Contacting Deep Self by Starhawk

Sit in a quiet, comfortable place and close your eyes. Ask yourself, “What is truly sacred to me? What do I most deeply value? What would I take a stand for?” When an answer arises, ask, “When are my life-energies directed toward serving what is truly sacred for me? How do I feel in that moment?”

Concentrate on that feeling. Link it to memories, colours, kinesthetic sensations, sounds and smells. Maybe you imagine it as a deep forest of ancient trees, dark green, smelling of earth and rain, filled with the sound of the wind in the branches. Or maybe it is a playground in the park, filled with the sounds of happy children playing, enlivened by bright colours and the scent of flowers.

When you are steeped in the feeling, and the scene is real to you, imagine a presence hovering about three feet above your head, as a sphere of blue fire. Call the presence down and let her or him enter your scene. Imagine that you can see a person, looking very much like yourself. Greet your Deep Self and take some to speak together, to ask for guidance and strength. Your Deep Self may suggest a daily practice for staying in close contact, or give you a name to call or an image to use.

Take the time you need, and then thank your Deep Self. Imagine the presence floating back into the sphere and then dissolving. Say goodbye to your image of the Sacred, open your eyes, and come back.

Mmm…how do You feel?

Now that you are back? Now that you have journeyed and have spoken with your Deep Self? Write everything down in your journal so you remember it. What wisdom did you learn? What is your next step? What advise did you receive? What images popped into your head? What synchronicities are about to come about?

The Truth within You will guide You on Your Way.


Descending into the Unknown

Photograph by Unknown

Hello darlings!

I hope your weekends were marvelous! I charted some subterranean territory with some beautiful people in the Clarksville Caves in the capitol region of Albany. We journeyed into the Underworld with flashlights attached to our arms and a thirst for summer adventure in our hearts.

I’ve only done trivial cave viewing before, so this was quite the change! I was reminded of the story of Persephone and Hades, when we were deep within the caves and darkness surrounded our glowing arms and bobbing heads. It felt peaceful to be deep within the womb of the Earth. The cold fresh air was refreshing, and the cold waters called my name to lap them up with my tongue.

Along the way, I left shell offerings to pay homage to the cavern. It was my way to pay the Ferryman and to recollect my deposit on leaving.

I dare all of you to take some time this week and venture into the wild.

Whether it is forest, lake or cave. Last week’s prompt was about hearing the whispers of the Green Ones. This week, I ask you to take it a step further and

meditate and listen to the natural world around you.

Not only the plants and trees, but our water and mineral friends as well. Even if you just find an inspirational picture online or a piece of art. Affirm to yourselves,

“I journey into my darkness, and reclaim my Light. I venture into my depths, and reclaim my Wildness. Descending into my deepest abyss, I reclaim my true name.”

Climbing out of that cave was like giving birth to myself. My new Self.

Leaving behind a skeleton, and reclaiming a new name. It was a transformational experience.


Let it Go!

Photograph by Derek.

“Shut-up. Chill. And OM-out for a minute!” These were very powerful words that were spoken to me over the weekend. Yes, to ME.

Even I can “lose it” from time to time, and that is okay. It means we are human. Emotional, yes. Sensitive, yes. Feeling, yes. We are all of these, and unfortunately, there is such a thing about being “too-open.”

Dear ones. Sometimes, getting a day takes more than repeating an affirmation in your head. No amount of words could heal a wound so forceful, so deeply that you will be *Poof! All better in under a minute.

This isn’t how it works. Affirmations are tools, helpers, to keep us on a path. But sometimes those helpers are just not strong enough. Sometimes we are not strong enough: to be there for a loved one, especially for one who can be both inconsiderate and distant. Sometimes we may not feel strong enough to take yor self burdens and then theirs as well.

Or so it may seem…

“Let it go!” Mmm, wouldn’t that be so perfect? To stand on top of a mountain and shout “I’m FREEEEEE!”

That would be a true blessing.

But we are humans, and we foolish mortals tend to overreact, oversensitize ourselves, and over think things far too often. And this can cause some serious mental issues, that sneak up and go all dragon-lady (or dragon-lord) on our psyches. And then we freak even further, because we are losing it. And the vicious cycle continues. That is why I strongly suggest anyone who is routinely having these feelings, talk to someone! A friend, a trusted spiritual leader, a therapist…even a complete and utter stranger.

Believe me stranger things have been done, and that so called stranger may have some hidden wisdom in their words.

If you have noticed, I have changed things up a bit. Opening this business has added an additional outlet for my words, but recently I have been over doing it in all areas of MY life. Yes. MY LIFE. It’s funny, I was sitting there, thinking, brainstorming, obsessing. Worried, how can I offer people advise when I myself am yes, “LOSING-IT.” My mind, body and spirit were not in sync. A close friend said to me Sunday, “when someone who is on a spiritual path, gets hitter harder or more abruptly than before. We have to face some pretty dark forces, mostly within ourselves, that allows us to find that inner peace, and that inner wisdom. We need these freak-out moments to ironically, live. And learn to live better. To love better.”

These words were very powerful for me, and for anyone. That is why I share them with you. Because dear ones, I not only write for you, I write for myself.

So, yes. I had a freak-out moment. Okay, okay. I had a bit of a nervous breakdown…alright, a nervous breakdown, and it scared me. But you know what dear readers? It was okay.

It was okay, because I had the tools within me. The resources to pull myself out of it. Granted, those tools and resources were close soul-friends, guides and healers. But we each have these in our lives. We simply need to allow ourselves to realise it.

YOU have the tools my lovelies!

That person you call whenever something goes bad. That Voice deep within you that says, “Breathe. Slowly. Breathe. It will be okay. You can do this.” The compassionate hand, that heart-felt hug, that maybe you don’t want at the time, but sometimes…

You just need to have a good cry!

So cry, scream, and cry some more. Write it down. Talk it out. Choose your music for awhile wisely. And then sleep. It’s okay to check out from time to time.

“You have been called from the place of your dwelling, After times, after duties, after separations. May blessed soul-friends guide you, May helping spirits lead you, May the Gatherer of Souls call you, May the homeward path rise up under your feet And lead you gladly home.” –Caitlin Matthews, “Soul-Leading For Someone Who Has Died Suddenly or Unexpectedly” from her book, Celtic Devotional Daily Prayers & Blessings

Often, when there is a trauma, it is a mini-death. No matter how large or small the emotional situation, when our heart’s break, a part of ourselves breaks off, and dies. Shamans journey to find these missing parts of ourselves, and help guide them home, to you to make one whole again. This can be a tricky situation, and take much time. But in the end you may be “led gladly home.”

So this week’s daily affirmation goes a little like this:

Affirmation: “I breathe in, and reclaim my power. I breathe out, and say good-bye to the pain, the humiliation, and the self blame. I breathe in, and reclaim my Self. I breathe out, and say good-bye.”

Sometimes, the heart is the hardest thing to master, but the deeper wisdom behind this, is that it shouldn’t be something to master, it should be something to be listened to. When your heart is breaking, for what ever reason, take it as a sign that something deep within you, does NOT resonate with the one inflicting the harm. It may be unintentional, or maybe sometimes it may be warranted. The difference is how are you going to make things better? Are you going to obsess, or are you simply going to finally accept the unacceptable and say good-bye.

It’s completely okay to accept that you cannot heal the world, and every person who comes your way. Sometimes, we aren’t strong enough, and sometimes that person does NOT want to be healed. This only leads to more suffering. Live and listen by your heart. It is your ultimate compass. Listen. Should it set you wrong, it may be for a bigger, deeper reason. Sometimes the dark can be a teacher. What lessons will you learn from playing with fire? We can be a very stubborn species. Especially us spirituals. Because we tend to think that we can do it all, but at the end of the day, we are only human.

And sometimes… we fall.

Remember, It’s okay to break down, and hit rock bottom. That’s where all your true strength resides.

It’s where you can decide to get back up! Turn things around, and embrace a whole new way of Life.

Hugs dear ones. You can do it!

Affirmation: “I choose to make a Life that creates happiness for myself and for others.” ~Joanna Powell Colbert

Here is a look at the affirmation I sent to some on Saturday. I was trying to be pro-active, but fell short just a tad. In the future I am going to instead of emailing every day, I will just do it once per week, trying to keep it simple yet still full of substance, and will still post via Facebook as inspiration hits me.

Due to technical difficulties, I haven’t been able to be as prompt with all the emails.

I am sitting underside a great cedar in Washington Park, thinking what is the best advise I could give both myself and others?
And you know what dearies? I can’t tell you.


No one ever knows all the answers. No one ever knows what thee best advise or inspiration could be for anyone, however, we take a stab in the dark and hope to touch sunshine along the way.

I spotted this beautiful and independent Sunflower the other day, and its radiance was medicine! This week I have been studying the healing energies of the Green Ones. The plants and flowers and trees and herbs and yes, “weeds” too! 😉

Sometimes a silent whisper from a sunflower saying, “Keep smiling…” is all we ever need when we are downtrodden.

Hmm, this week, for you my loves. What will you take notice in the natural world around you? What soul medicine will you find from one of the green? Will they whisper? Or shout!?

Take a few moments to sit outside in a garden or go for a walk in the park. Or simply take notice of your front/ back yard, sidewalks, or parking lots.

Wisdom and advise is always just around the corner.