The Sacred Art of Washing Hands

Affirmation: “I take pleasure in the powerful purification of the earth’s flowing waters.”

Many of you experienced this ritual this past weekend at the Riverfest in Troy, NY. You discovered the pleasure that can be had in washing the hands of another.  It is a very old custom that is connected to several sacred religious rites. This ceremonial ablution of the hands, not only registers to your heart of hearts, but also influences the area where you are doing it. Creating in that moment a sphere of your own influence, a little bubble where you can feel safe, clean, and revitalized! I used fresh mint-herbed water, what will you use? Collected rain water with added sea salt, waters infused with roses from the garden, crisp spring waters with a couple drops of essential oils? ;-p

Mmm, now doesn’t that feel nice?

This week I will be writing about the many different ways that you can cleanse and purify your chakras and bring more of a balance to your life. Every week, I will be focusing on a different theme, Monday-Saturday, with a Day of Reflection on the week’s events on Sundays. By signing up via email, you will be able to get all of these daily free goodies! I will provide a different technique, and affirmation for you to ponder for that day. It’s all about incorporating and living more with Spirit throughout your Daily Life! Discover your Heart’s Path & Live!

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This week, I challenge you to do a few things in relation to Water:

Be mindful of its use, and of its purpose to clean and nourish our bodies.
Try drinking more of it! Flavour it if you want with herbs and or fruit. Make some sun tea even! See my post below for inspiration ;-p
Be mindful of how often and how long you bathe in the shower. *Try washing in a nearby river, stream, lake, or waterfall at least once! And if it rains, how fun would it be to just jump out there in your swimsuit, and feel those tiny rain drops drip onto your golden sun warmed skin?

*I have to thank my friend Joanna Powell Colbert for this last idea. She teaches Gaian Soul Seasonal Practices that are grouped into 5-week classes. Here is the link here if you want to check them out:

Savour the taste, indulge yourself, and have fun!

Also, try repeating the affirmation whenever you use these refreshing waters of the earth. While you wash your hands, just before you jump into the shower, and as you slowly sip a tasty drink. Take the time to respect it. Show gratitude in that we live in an area where fresh, clear, drinkable, and flowing water is available. Sadly, so many throughout the world do not share in our privilege.

And lastly,

Try your own hand at the Sacred Art of Washing Hands.
Show respect and gratitude as our ancestors did by washing the hands (or paws) of a traveling friend, pet, or family member.
Be whimsical, be mindful, and as always, smile your heart’s smile…~

Sacred Water Blessings,
Xoxo, Derek


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