Kunik, Summer Sun-flower Souls!

Photograph by Derek
Thacher Park Falls

Tomorrow, is the Summer Solstice, or Midsummer in the Northern Hemisphere; and also Winter Solstice for our Southern friends.

Yay, I wish you all parties of plenty! Blessings of soothing lake plunges, and warming bonfires! It is going to be in the upper nineties in the capital region tomorrow, and a little over 100 with the heat index. So it is going to be a scorcher!! Be sure to protect yourself and your loved ones, but also make sure to have fun!

I wrote this poem last Midsummer. I plan on pilgrimaging up to the mountains to see the rising of the sun in just under six hours!

How will you celebrate Solstice?

Will you pilgrimage? Will you go for a hike? A swim?

I plan on observing the rising and setting of the Sun, sharing in laughter with my friends, shooting some photography, reflecting & writing in my journal, bathing under a waterfall, collecting herbs and flowers, eating lots and lots of BERRIES, and meditating with Fae under the energy of the strongest Sun of the Year. 🙂

How will you reflect the Sun’s Spirit with your own heart?

Summer is a time for frolicking.
Running through the glade.
And rolling in the flowers.

Laughing, lounging, reading& bathing in grottos.
Drinking from sacred springs&
Showering under waterfalls.

Drinking tea by the light of a campfire.
Eating hedonistically from the dark fertile earth.
Summer is a time for the Soul to shine.

Flying high through the trees,
Up mountains & hills.
Of dancing in Fae groves,

Pay homage to the ancient stone guardians.
With a spirit of fire, of passion& of whimsy.
Reclaim yourself! Your Midsummer dreams!

Rejoice in the moment! This Day of longest Light.
With sun salutations, smiles& grins…
Rejuvenate and be Happy!

(c)  21 JUN 2011, DJH

Deep green kisses,

Xoxo, Derek


The Sacred Art of Washing Hands

Affirmation: “I take pleasure in the powerful purification of the earth’s flowing waters.”

Many of you experienced this ritual this past weekend at the Riverfest in Troy, NY. You discovered the pleasure that can be had in washing the hands of another.  It is a very old custom that is connected to several sacred religious rites. This ceremonial ablution of the hands, not only registers to your heart of hearts, but also influences the area where you are doing it. Creating in that moment a sphere of your own influence, a little bubble where you can feel safe, clean, and revitalized! I used fresh mint-herbed water, what will you use? Collected rain water with added sea salt, waters infused with roses from the garden, crisp spring waters with a couple drops of essential oils? ;-p

Mmm, now doesn’t that feel nice?

This week I will be writing about the many different ways that you can cleanse and purify your chakras and bring more of a balance to your life. Every week, I will be focusing on a different theme, Monday-Saturday, with a Day of Reflection on the week’s events on Sundays. By signing up via email, you will be able to get all of these daily free goodies! I will provide a different technique, and affirmation for you to ponder for that day. It’s all about incorporating and living more with Spirit throughout your Daily Life! Discover your Heart’s Path & Live!

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This week, I challenge you to do a few things in relation to Water:

Be mindful of its use, and of its purpose to clean and nourish our bodies.
Try drinking more of it! Flavour it if you want with herbs and or fruit. Make some sun tea even! See my post below for inspiration ;-p
Be mindful of how often and how long you bathe in the shower. *Try washing in a nearby river, stream, lake, or waterfall at least once! And if it rains, how fun would it be to just jump out there in your swimsuit, and feel those tiny rain drops drip onto your golden sun warmed skin?

*I have to thank my friend Joanna Powell Colbert for this last idea. She teaches Gaian Soul Seasonal Practices that are grouped into 5-week classes. Here is the link here if you want to check them out:

Savour the taste, indulge yourself, and have fun!

Also, try repeating the affirmation whenever you use these refreshing waters of the earth. While you wash your hands, just before you jump into the shower, and as you slowly sip a tasty drink. Take the time to respect it. Show gratitude in that we live in an area where fresh, clear, drinkable, and flowing water is available. Sadly, so many throughout the world do not share in our privilege.

And lastly,

Try your own hand at the Sacred Art of Washing Hands.
Show respect and gratitude as our ancestors did by washing the hands (or paws) of a traveling friend, pet, or family member.
Be whimsical, be mindful, and as always, smile your heart’s smile…~

Sacred Water Blessings,
Xoxo, Derek

Build Your Altar!

“I am a lover of truth, a worshipper of freedom, a celebrant at the altar of language and purity and tolerance.”
-British Comedian and Actor Stephen Fry”

I love Summer. It’s that time to be out doors! To hike, to swim in the falls, and lakes, and streams, and oceans without getting your chill on. Granted it can be a challenge with going against the humidity (that’s always the killer) but for me, the nice warm Sunshine that comes is just such a blessing!

Throughout the year, I create altars both indoors and as well as out. It is a very personal way of expressing oneself. And hey, its always good to have a small sacred space just for yourself to reflect and whisper prayers to the sky. Taking the time to lay out an altar cloth with meaning. Depict artwork that epitomizes the feeling you want to create. A few crystals and objects arranged magickally on a shelf or table. Mmm, sweet, deep peace to you!

Here is just my Summer Solstice altar, but I encourage you to create your own personalized altars devoted to the god or goddess that is YOU!

Sunshine & Sanctuary Blessings everyone,
xoo, Derek.

Prepping for the Midsummer: Herbed-Fruit Flavored Waters!

“I kindle my soul at the shrine of the Sun,
Flame of light, flame of love, flame of life . . .”

— Caitlin Matthews, The Celtic Devotional

Hello gorgeous ones!

Can you feel it? Ahhhh….Midsummer! That time of year is here again! How joyous, how amazingly adventurous! How will you prepare for the coming of this season and turning of the wheel? Today I made Sun-teas and Herb-fruit waters. Mmm, they are just divine! And oh-so simple! Here’s how:

Gather supplies at the grocery, or if you are lucky, your very own back yard. ;-)
Combine a chosen fruit with a chosen herb. Go with your gut, inspiration isall around you. open yourself up to multiple possibilities…

Here we have Watermelon-Rosemary, Pineapple-Mint, and an All-citrus of Lemon, Orange, and Lime.
The teas are Green Peppermint-Lavender with Lavender Honey. Mmmm, bzzzz…

So, how do you do this exactly? Well, here’s the thing, Go with the flow and have FUN! Very few people realize that the magick in life is all about just going with the flow, and not exactly following  a strict recipe. Here I just cut up some fruits, macerated some herbs, added ice to the top and put them in the fridge to steep. Same with the teas, minus the ice. Just add tea bags of your choice, here I have 2 Tazo Thrive, and 1 peppermint bag, with a dollop of honey and about a teaspoon of dried lavender and a healthy sprig of lightly macerated mint.

So, this season is all about keeping it fresh! So go to your local farmers market, grocery or backyard and HARVEST those succulent juices!

Sunlight, sky and sprinkler blessings!
And as always,

Namaste. :-)

Thank-you to http://www.theyummylife.com/Flavored_Water for the inspiration!

P.S. You can refill the jars after the first empty, although I would leave a bit of the original “juice” there. Allow it to steep again, and although it won’t be as potent as the original, it is still VERY REFRESHING. These last if kept refrigerated, for about 3 days. :-)

Hello World!

Welcome & Sweet, Deep Peace to you…

Deep peace of Morning Sky to you
Deep peace of Fragrant Coffee to you
Deep peace of Cleansing Showers to you

Deep peace of Lunchtime retreats to you
Deep peace of Tickling Grasses to you
Deep peace of Sunshine Kisses to you

Deep peace of Afternoon Strolls to you
Deep peace of Floating Seeds to you
Deep peace of Crystal Caves to you

Deep peace of Nighttime Meditations to you
Deep peace of Sleepy-time Tea to you
Deep peace of Honeyed Breezes to you

Deep peace of the Followers and Nurturers of Peace to you
Love and Laughter pour their healing light onto you
Deep, sweet peace to you.